30 days and 30 nights…

Hi I am Siddhi, just thought I would share my first 30 days as  Chair of TEDx Leicester. In the past few weeks, I have been asked, how did I get involved and why do you give such short notice for your events?

Read on to find to find out why.

So after creating a buzz at the Odeon cinema on February 16th at the TED Dream launch, Allan Hayes was amazed that I managed to get over 100 guests from diverse backgrounds in the cinema in just 10 days .He said it was like a TEDx Salon!

It was barely 10 days after this event, that I found myself Chair of TEDx Leicester 2016 and boy what an honour and privilege it is for me to be asked by the oldest TEDx license holder in the world to share his dream and vision for Leicester.

Once again, I was on this 10 day rollercoaster ride hosting the next TEDx Event “The day after Tomorrow” facilitated by our students from the University of Leicester. The event was again a success with great conversations with a good mix of students and members of the public from varied backgrounds to discuss issues around Big Data.

Allan does not like to rest on his laurels he felt we were 20 days in to  March and needed to book our next event for the 4th April… umm yes you guessed in 10 days’ time. “Health of the Nation: Should we care ?”

This time, even speakers seemed to be skeptical about getting a crowd so quickly (especially during Easter break) .We advertised our tickets on Eventbrite and all other aspects of social media, I could not believe it!!!  All tickets were sold out (yes you guessed it) in 10 days! The TEDx Leicester fever is running high and we have started a movement. Watch the video and see how it started!( courtesy of TED)

Allan Hayes is the nut and I am just another one to follow. If  you want to experience the adrenaline and enjoy the buzz of excitement ,then come join us. We have the rest of the year to continue this magic…