Are we TOO caring as a Society?

Dr Sanjiv Nichani

Fragile Cities, Creative Cities

Charles Landry

Leicester Lived and Living: Deep Diversity

Karen Chouhan & Sarah Levitt

Future Powers

NAT Powers

The Power to Create

Matthew Taylor

Creative Reindustrialisation

Jim Willis, Stephanie Macdonald-Walker

A Rightful City

Shami Chakrabarti,

A Curve Production, Adrian Mole The Musical

Lulu-Mee Pears and Joel Fossard-Jones

A City of Culture

Fiona Allan

Community Voice: Re-Imagining, Retro-Fitting and RE-Greening

Shreya Bhattacharya, Harleen Hundal, Marie Julien


Jo Tallack

Routes to Enterprise

Professor Monder Ram, Jawaahir Daahir

Open and Connected Learning: Digital Literacy in Leicester

Josie Fraser

Dots, Spots and Stops

Rick Moore

The Creative Power of Love

Nayna Bhikha

Open Mic Opportunity

From audience

The Thrill of Further Education

Verity Hancock

Community Voice: Self Help Equality

Joe Allen

Discovering the Future

Professor Kevin Schurer

DMU: Rooted in Leicester’s Past, Connected to its Future

Professor Andy Collop

Round up of the Day

Charles Landry