The Organisers

Allan Hayes - TEDxLeicester Licence Holder and Principal Organiser

Licence Holder and Principal Organiser, TEDxLeicester

“TEDxLeicester is my latest dream - I hope that it will help others and the city”.

Allan, now in his eighties, was an only child, with parents who were Lancashire mill workers.  At ten he had tuberculosis and missed over a year of schooling. No one in his family had ever gone to University: he gained a place at Trinity College Cambridge, and completed a first degree and a Ph.D in mathematics.

Following his marriage (he has three children and five grandchildren) he spent five years in the USA, teaching first at MIT, then at Purdue University in Indiana. On his return to the UK in he taught until retirement at Leicester University and was then associated with Wolfram Research (Mathematica) for ten years.

He is deeply interested in stimulating engagement amongst people of different backgrounds and is a member of many local organisations including Leicester Secular Society, St Philip’s Roadshow, Leicester College Chaplaincy Team and Friends of Evington. Elected to an RSA fellowship in 2010, he launched TEDxLeicester in 2015 (the oldest person in the world ever to get TEDx license!) and since then he has added a series of short salons and has formed a supporting Community Interest Company called LeicesterX.

“Go for your dream!”

Siddhi Trivedi - TEDxLeicester Chair & Co-Organiser

Chair & Co-Organiser - TEDxLeicester  Siddhi brings passion and drive to the TEDx Leicester team. She is a highly energetic project manager and has delivered many high value projects both across private and public sector. Her drive for excellence and thirst for continuous growth has benefitted many organisations from corporate businesses globally to local schools. Siddhi is Cofounder of a Cambridge based niche management consultancy, Livewire, who are activiley engaged in the health and education sectors. Siddhi is an active coach and mentor for young people and their families from disadvantaged backgrounds . Siddhi proactively engages with students to promote STEM as an active STEM ambassador As an experienced business professional Siddhi will be responsible for the project management of Salon events and governance for TEDx Leicester . She will be engaging with both businesses and the community to build commercial partnerships and sponsorships for TEDx Leicester.  If you are interested in getting involved with TEDx Leicester come and talk to Siddhi to discuss how best to build a relationship with TEDx Leicester. "Dare to dream bigger than you can imagine..."