TEDxLeicesterSalon - A shared Life?

TEDxLeicester Salons -  half-day discussions - building on the success ofwww.tedxleicester.com  

20th November, Hansom Hall, Adult Education Centre, Belvoir Street  

A Shared Life?

You are invited to a discussion around


Short talks

  •          The Pledge to Peace (http://bit.ly/1OyFW3g;  http://www.pledgetopeace.eu/  )Richard Outram, Co-founder of Peace Talks Oldham
  •          The refugee crisis and Leicester Coleen Molloy, City of Sanctuary National Development Officer
  •          Climate Change: a trigger to violence and population movement speaker TBC)
  •          Prevent (Speaker TBC)
  •          Diverse Leicester (Speaker TBC)

Arrival from 9.30 am; event start 10.00 am; lunch 13.00; close 14.00

There is no charge for this event but places are limited places. Book Here for tickets


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