Our volunteers at the Gateway Nextgen College are busy working behind the scenes and designing tote bags donated by Twycross Zoo.

Hello everyone, we are back with another update concerning the upcoming talk for TEDxLeicester Women 2019; dubbed Bold and Brilliant! In the previous update, we spoke about students from the Gateway College and their contributions towards our conference this December. Let’s take a closer look into the pre-production phase, and see how these students are creating the best work for our upcoming conference. The Next Gen students at Gateway College have been incredibly thrilled to be a part of the upcoming talks, and this shows through their work. They have been using a range of professional software in order to create the best animations for the big day. The students have been using software such as Auto Desk and Sketchbook, which helps them to bring their initial ideas to life.

They have also been using some popular software such as Unreal Engine, 3DSMax, and Photoshop. This has enabled them to successfully compile 3D shapes and particle effects in order to create intricate and attention-grabbing animations. Art and Design students have started working on some ideas, and their works towards creating some Bold and Brilliant statement art pieces are underway!

A-Level Graphic students are also getting very involved, as each student is drafting their unique ideas for some expressive t-shirts and tote bags. They will all soon pitch their ideas to each other in order to identify the design that is best suited to the theme of the talks. Their ideas and consideration are carefully calculated in order to produce the best products for the event.

We are excitedly making preparations to ensure that this event is successful and that the speakers as well as the audience have a most exhilarating experience. Written by Neisha Gomes and Weronika Konik. Photo by Cady Sheard Creative Media Production Gateway College November 2019