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Here you can watch talks from some of our previous events

Celebrating the successes and stories of the women that are leading industries.

With our population booming where are we headed as a species? 

In this event speakers discuss what to learn from our progress and past as we move forward.

7 local events exploring migrants and their stories around the world. Italy, Germany, England and Spain working together to highlight the global refugee crisis and the issues surrounding migration.

TEDxLeicester’s first event to be held at the National Space Centre Leicester titled: ‘TEDxLeicester One Step Beyond: A Satellite Enabled Future’ explores how satellite technology and data is being applied to innovatively solve problems for businesses and the community to take us one step beyond into the future.

The first TEDxLeicesterSalon of its kind in the U.K. Hosted in HM prison Leicester and involving inmates in its production, these special talks challenge perceptions of prisons while enabling prisoner rehabilitation.

Explore many of the fascinating stories of inspiring people that are part of Leicester’s vibrant, rich and diverse heritage and communities.

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