A message from our Licence Holder - Siddhi Trivedi

Welcome to the TEDxLeicester, a community that is made of a multi-talented and ethnically diverse group of volunteers who are passionate about bringing ideas to our community that will spark curiosity and change the world. 

Over the past 5 years, our events have brought together trailblazing speakers and performers who are making an impact both locally and globally, creating an explosion of ideas that have inspired our delegates, volunteers and partners. Our events have become the hub for networking and collaborations resulting in job creation and start-up ventures with unique mentoring opportunities for our volunteers and partners. One of our greatest achievements was in 2017, when we became the very first TEDx organisers in the UK to host an event inside a prison, putting Leicester on the global map by being featured in the prestigious Economist as well as national press.

When I was invited to curate and organise TEDxLeicester, I was humbled and honoured, but also nervous about managing such a prestigious brand. I thought it would be extremely challenging to find a team of talented volunteers to support me, but I am delighted that since 2016, I have been surrounded by a incredibly smart team who are bursting with ideas to inspire and energise our community. I am proud to be part of a team that is diverse in both age, expertise and ethnicity which is reflective of our community.

“TEDxLeicester is a tribe of passionate and curious change-makers who are devoted to their community and want to change lives”

We also want to mention that our community events happen because of the generosity of our sponsors and partners without whom none this would be made possible. Our sponsors and partners are committed to community building and corporate social responsibility and share our core values and vision.  

Please have a browse through our past talks, you will see a diverse range of talks to suit your interest and mood. Feel free to share your favourite talk. 

I look forward to welcoming you to our next event soon which will posted on social media channels and our newsletter.

Siddhi Trivedi
Director and License Holder