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Finding My Way | Michael Brome

Michael Brome has been a prison officer at HMP Leicester for 13 years. Since, he has worked in several areas and with different teams using his calming nature to deal with very challenging situations and individuals, helping people to challenge themselves and overcome obstacles. Michael Brome is also a spoken word artist, represented by literature organization Renaissance One and he is a mentor, as well as a workshop facilitator based in the East Midlands (Leicester). Michael uses his writing and oratory skills to inspire young people to make changes to their lives and prospects.

Integration and Contribution of Immigrants | Waheed Arian

Does our humanity express itself best by closing its doors or welcoming those in need? Waheed Arian talks about his experience as a migrant and as a doctor, as well as of his biggest challenge: breaking down boundaries. This has been the true mission that has allowed him to transform his profession into a humanitarian project aimed at integrating immigrants and advancing their contribution to society. His main objective is to encourage the coming together of peoples from around the world through limitless communication.

Simone Coppo - Soumaïla Diawara | Simone Coppo & Soumaïla Diawara

This poetic approach has given voice to an intimate and profound experience through a perfect combination of content and form.  The journey between despair and hope has allowed us to know a new point of view that enables us to appreciate a new humanity and its smallest nuances.Simone Coppo is a young Italian actor graduated at Scuola d’Arte Drammatica Paolo Grassi in Milan. He works for theatre and television all over the world. Among his greatest successes are his performances in Io Rom Romantica, La verità sta in cielo and the Italian television series Una Grande Famiglia and Sacrificio d’Amore.

VIDEO ERGO SUM | Camilla Paternò

How can one relate to those who have lost all their belongings and find themselves abandoned in a country whose language they do not know? Camilla Paternò has identified a “bridge” able to ease the integration process of refugees: the smartphone. That small screen has become the tool that allows refugees to convey their experiences directly and rediscover their humanity after days, weeks, and sometimes months of terrible hardship. They return to play the main role in this journey that integrates “two worlds” that possibly are not so far apart.

Law as Tech and What it Means for Migrants | Patricia Mindus

Patricia Mindus focuses on human, legal, and interpersonal perspectives when discussing migrants and migration, distinguishing between mobility, migration, and law. By identifying what role each element plays with regard to integration, we are able to understand how migratory flows influence us and every aspect of our lives.