Women’s Workshop Speaker

In 1999, Nayna was diagnosed with lymphoma, then with a brain tumour and chronic fatigue. She used spiritual and self-healing methods to address her ill health. Through Grace, Nayna experienced a life changing shift in perspective, a moving into an incredible deep inner peace. She recognised this reconnection to be a truly Magnificent Resource that she believes dwells within us all to access and live from as we face life’s challenges. The cancer had spontaneously resolved, but the brain tumour was removed by neurosurgery in 2006. A second brain tumour was diagnosed in 2009, symptoms of which are being faced with a transformed life view and showing recovery.

Nayna shares all that she has experienced and come to understand about; self-healing, quantum reality and the Divine nature of Life to help others reconnect to their awesome Power of Love.



Women’s Workshop Speaker - The Creative Power of Love
15.50  -  16.00
This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED.