Student Workshop Winners

Four Students will present their views on re imagining Leicester.

Maryam is a second year Politics and Economics student at the University of Leicester, who moved from Germany to the UK for her studies in 2013. She has a strong interest in further education and hopes to, after completing a Bachelor, go into a Masters program to further broaden her knowledge. Her passion for education and the “spread of ideas” explains her strong interest in the non-profit organization TED, as an already avid watcher, she hopes to use her research and analytical skills acquired during her degree to, in this case, spread ideas for the “Leicester of our Future”.

Marie Julien, is a 20 year old French student at the University of Leicester studying biology. I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people and learning about their experiences. She has participated in the Leicester Award and Gold Award and is very interested in envisioning a “Future Leicester”.  She is keen to better herself and the world around her, and hopes to do so through a career that combines science, creativity and human contact.

Shreya Bhattacharya is a first year Media and Communication undergraduate student at University of Leicester. She is currently the course representative of her degree and prior to this she has been the Chair of Events in school. She is also an active member of the television society through which she got a work experience opportunity with BBC.

She has lived in a bustling and developing nation, India, a multicultural and developed country, Singapore and currently lives in Leicester. Her experience of living in three different regions across the world will help contribute to re-imagining Leicester.

Harleen Hundal, is  a Law student at the University of Leicester from Canada. With a passion for positive change, and human rights, she is working towards becoming an International Human Rights Lawyer. She enjoys public speaking and sharing ideas.


Student Workshop winners - ‘Leicester’s 5 minute makeover’
16.00  -  14.10
This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED.