Rick Moore

Magistrate, Chair Healthwatch Leicestershire

Rick has 30 years experience as a Justice of the Peace, and brings a strong understanding of the law and its application across a breadth of areas including property and development, HR, environment, and criminal and civil law.

He also has 40 years experience in the property market in the East Midlands including land acquisitions and negotiation, valuation and development advice, environment and planning considerations, project management, and marketing in the residential and commercial sectors, for corporate and private clients.

He is Chair of the Board of a number of significant sub-regional, regional and national agencies and companies Including 

  • Chair – Healthwatch Leicestershire
  • Director, Homecom Charity
  • Trustee and Chairman,Hope against Cancer Charity
  • Chair, Leicester Miller Education Company, charged with delivery of £235m of “Building Schools for the Future” funds
  • Chair of Governors of Fullhurst Community College
  • Chair, Leicestershire and Rutland Community Foundation



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