Maytham Al-Hilo

Consultant Dermatologist & Venereologist

Maytham Al-Hilo is an Iraqi consultant dermatologist and venereologist. He is also a poet, novelist and civil rights activist. He was born in Al-Hilla city near the historic city of Babylon in 1968.
 He graduated from Baghdad Medical School in 1991 and specialized in dermatology in 2002.
 He has more than twenty published academic papers in his medical field.  In addition, he published a collection of his poems (The interpretation of the vague in her eyes) and two novels (Bats entice light) and (The happy in his ultimate nightmare).

In 2013, he founded “To those who dare be rationalists” Group and has been its chairman since then. The group aims is to spread human rights and secular values through an epistemological critique of conceptual obstacles. The talks in this group are given on a weekly basis in the open air in one of the important cultural places in Baghdad, Al Mutanabi Street. His fourth book published in 2016 “To those who dare be rationalists:  an alternative reading towards a humanistic religion” was inspired by this work. Dr Al-Hilo lives in Baghdad.