Ellah Kandi

Author, University Chaplain, Entrepreneur and Singer.

Ellah came to the UK as a Zimbabwean refugee looking for hope and a better life.  During her 16 years in the UK,  she not only found a better life, but has always endeavoured to better the lives of others.  She is a published author, a university chaplain, a professional caterer and a proficient singer.  Ellah has been honoured to sing for Her majesty the Queen, BBC Songs of praise. She began singing to “fill the gap” and make the gospel and joy that the choir brings accessible to all people even those who are hearing impaired.  Ellah has managed through singing  in the EAGA Gospel choir to reach thousands of lives in performing arts ministration. In addition she has used her love of cooking to provide exquisite mutli-cultural cuisine to the city of Leicester and beyond.

Her motivation can be summed up in one phrase: what would Jesus do? Being a member of EAGA, based in Leicester, she  embodies the very principles of her faith with compassion, love and seeking in order to put the needs of others above oneself. She believes that she has made the most of all resources within her own reach to empower others. Being a part of her church community, which is more like a family to her, gives her the strength that she needs to continue with the myriad of her endeavours.


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