A different way of sharing #ideasworthspreading.

TEDxLeicester are on a mission to find new ways of facilitating great conversations and finding new ways of building collaborations, all through the power of sharing ideas and finding new ways of working.  Adventures will be a break from our Conference and Salons; you won’t find (m)any ‘TEDx Talks’ here.  The focus for our TEDxLeicesterAdventures will be to ensure engaging experiences and provide opportunities for full-on, active participation for our attendees.  Hearing inspiring talks and great innovators share their ideas on a platform is great, but our Adventures are an opportunity for people to generate their own #ideasworthspreading.  And, who knows, perhaps the ideas we produce during our Adventures may end up on stage at a future TEDxLeicester conference? 

TEDx teams around the world are using the Adventures banner to do something a bit different with their communities; from hikes, to cycle tours, kids’ creative workshops, ‘hack’ style events, painting large murals, and much more besides.  TEDxLeicesterAdventures will look to embrace this proactive, community-led approach to empower local people and businesses to produce and test their own ideas.  During 2020 we’ll be making several open calls to our TEDxLeicester community to help us curate an interesting and diverse series of Adventures throughout the year.  

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