#TEDxLeicester2016 – “Every Journey Matters”:-To journey with Leicester, however briefly and whenever is to contribute to and be part of this amazing city’s achievement – TEDxLeicester invites you to a day’s journey with Leicester on October 26th 2016…

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#TEDxLeicester Information, speakers and tickets

TEDxLeicester #EveryJourneyMatters Speaker and Performer Announcements – #TEDxLeicester #EveryJourneyMatters 26/10/16

Mohammed (Mo) Abbas

John Everitt

Dr Jay Banerjee

Ellah Kandi

Raj Gawera

Simon Cole QPM

Jessica Okoro

Emmanu'-EL Apostolic GA

Aakash Odedra

Dr Turi King

Jim Shields

Andy Gilbert

Matt Hampson



Maytham Al-Hilo

Lydia Unsudimi

Kamlesh Purohit

Marc Wileman

TEDxLeicester #EveryJourneyMatters 26th October - Program

Our program for this year is themed around #EveryJourneyMatters

We have 15 innovative thinkers and 4 amazing performers interpreting the theme all in 1 extraordinary day (Click links for Speaker and Performer profiles )

Registration 9-10am

Order for Line –up :- 10-12 Noon

  1. Simon Cole QPM
  2. Dr Jay Banerjee
  3. Raj Gawera
  4. Dr Turi King
  5. Jim Shield
  6. Performer: Lydia Unsudimi

Lunch : 12-1pm

Session 2    1.00-2.30

  1. Ella Kandi
  2. Mohammed Abbas
  3. Maytham Ahil
  4. Performance:  Aakash Odedra

Break 2.30-3pm

Session 3    3.00-4.30

  1. John Everitt
  2. Jessica Okorro
  3. Marc Wileman
  4. Performance: DMU Gospel Choir

Break 4.30-5.00pm

Session 4    5.00- 6.00 

  1. Kamlesh Purohit
  2. Andy Gilbert
  3. Matt Hampson
  4. Performance: Cosmocular

6.00 Conference Closes

Program Subject to change - All rights reserved