What’s TEDxLeicester about?

A future founded on fantastic people and positive diverse and strong communities.

 Can we work together in Leicester to activate alternative platforms for the future? Can we be our own architects of the future we want?

 The 27th April will be the start of an open ended project which involve people, organisations and groups from all around Leicester cooperating to create the city we want to live in.


Our aims are:

  • Platform: We aim to provide a level platform for discussing issues that affect us all and finding collaborative solutions.
  • Catalysts: We aim to act as catalysts in the exploration of new ideas with relevance to the future of Leicester.
  • Architects: we aim to encourage a diverse range of local people to be architects in building the Leicester of the future.


  1. Freeing up our power to create
  2. Using the creative power for social and economic well being
  3. Creating ideas for living together in Leicester

 We need to understand what we mean by themes and this will happen on the 27th April TEDxLeicester event. Here’s what the themes aim to do on that day:

  1. Freeing up the power to create.
  • Use inspiring thinkers and speakers.
  • Spawn forums for discussions and planning which are suggested.
  • Provide mind space and stimulation
  1. Using the creative power for social and economic well being.
  • Develop understanding and planning for economic justice in and out of work
  • Develop the understanding that social integration is predicated on economic integration, social justice on economic justice
  • Develop thinking on alleviating poverty
  • Develop ideas for reinforcing and reinvigorating the health and social care service provision
  • Harness local and national creativity for collective and equitable wealth creation and distribution
  • Develop structures, networks and attitudes leading to economic success
  1. Creating ideas for living together in Leicester
  • Develop our collective imagination for creating our cultural environment via the arts, education and including built environment
  • Develop ideas for taking civic participation and democracy to new levels
  • Develop ideas for the use of education and technology